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 The Value of Scent Detection Horses Has Been Proven

I am a strong believer in proving by testing. Testing is the key to reliability. I have proven my scent detection training techniques and reliability of detection horses by testing, putting on demonstrations in front of the public and during SAR missions.

Demonstrations documented on film - I have taped equine detection searches that were set up and witnessed by Law enforcement, news media, SAR certification officers, Sheriffs and national known SAR expert. During a real search I would ride but for demonstrations purposes I turned my horses loose, completely free, in open fields. The horses then actively searched for and detected pieces of clothing or cadaver material all by themselves with no help from their handler. ( I show these films at my clinics.)

People from across the US are publicly stating how great their detection horses are working after using the training steps from my Training Manual (see Merchandise page) or after attending one of my clinics. Former equine detection students of mine are now going out and putting on their own detection horse demonstrations in front of a variety of  different law enforcement agencies.

Terry and team excepting award
for state-wide Team Obstacle Competition

Important Facts You Should Know

No Monopoly - Dogs do not hold any monopoly when it comes to mammals being trained to search out and find things. A perfect example is the US Navy. Did you know that in the wars near Kuwait and Iraq, seals and dolphins were used to search out and find mines and other potential dangerous objects on the floor of the ocean? The Navy uses these mammals because of their natural sensory capabilities, trainability, adaptability and heartiness. Ask any knowledgeable horse trainer and they will tell you that the horse fits perfectly in to all of the these same categories.

Olfactory System -Animal's olfactory acuity is an area that is misunderstood by many.  There has been very little extended studies done on any mammals other than man and mouse as far as how and why they smell. They have to go by estimations when comparing animals such as dogs and horses. According to experts the dog and horse should be equal as far as their olfactory acuity. One expert even said in his estimate that the horses' scenting abilities could possibly be superior to the K9s because they can take in more air and have a larger space in which to decipher the scent.

Terry using buttons to maneuver Storm through a back through obstacle. Terry and Storm won first in this state wide competition with a perfect score.

Superior olfactory acuity in our domesticate animals was developed when they lived in the wild. Through the natural process of survival of the fittest, wild animals such as the horse (Mustang) and wolf were forced to develop a superior scenting ability. If the wild mustangs could not scent locate choice feed, minerals, water or danger, their blood lines would not continue to procreate. Many breeds of horses, especially  those developed in the United States, used mustang blood to help develop their  unique characteristics. The mustang gene pool was still finding its way into some modern breeds through  the 1800s and early 1900s. This means that some equine breeds are closer to their wild ancestors both in blood and looks than many of the dog breeds are to theirs.

(For more information on special abilities possessed by the equine, see Traits page)

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