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Seeing Is Believing

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Photo courtesy of Faye Unrau

I have put on presentations and clinics all across the United States for groups that range from private all the way to national conferences with international audiences. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that they are amazed by what they see and hear at my trainings. Many people have told me that they would not have believed it if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes. I have developed a first of its kind training program that uses a blend of positive reinforcement and innovative natural horsemanship techniques. My groundbreaking training program  has added a new volume to existing knowledge of natural horsemanship. Using scent detection has given me an opportunity to become very familiar at reading and predicting equine behavior. During scent locating, reading equine sign language is necessary in order to achieve your goal.. My studies and experiences have proven that equines use forms of sign language that were previously unknown.

Qualifications- I am in a unique position to relate to your group since I'm experienced as a clinician, in mounted SAR, in mounted crowd security, in showing in competition, and as a professional horse trainer. I believe before any group hires a trainer to put on a clinic for them, they should first see if that trainer has ever proved themselves in the real world or shown in any major competitions. A so-called trainer may walk the walk and talk the talk but never have proven his or her methods in real life situations. I have proven my innovative methods against major competitors, on patrol and during actual SAR missions. Based on my experience, I will let you judge for yourself if I have earned the right to talk about training the all around using horse. (Please see Trainer Information page)

Variety of Training Opportunities

We Offer Custom Designed Clinics, Presentations, and Trainings - We will custom design a training that will fit  your individual or group needs. I can arrange training opportunities for your organization by the day or weekend for presentations and clinics and by the week for our special Train the Trainer program specially designed for law enforcement and government agencies, such as mounted police. Monthly training programs are available for individual horses at my training center. Examples of some existing clinics are below.

Detection Equine Clinic - This clinic will be custom designed to fit the needs of law enforcement, MSAR, natural horsemanship enthusiasts or other private groups. Depending on your needs, we will focus on either narcotics, explosive, SAR, or hunting purposes search and detection. This is a one-of-a-kind clinic where your group will be able to witness first-hand an instinctive phenomena that most people never before thought possible. Some of your own horses will learn to use their natural instincts of air scenting to search and detect in just one afternoon. You will learn to identify your horse's silent alert signals, sign language and learn training steps for air scent and sight searching. Natural horsemanship will come into play as I guide you into an exciting new challenge of scent detection. Using positive and self equine reinforcement is the mainstream in my scent detection training program.  

Equine Sign Language Clinic - This first of it's kind presentation will hold the interest of a wide range of equine lovers. How many of us have watched our horses for hours in amazement as we try to understand their communication. Many forms of equine sign language have been misunderstood or previously undiscovered. For examples go to Equine sign language page. During this clinic you will learn first hand how horses actually use sign as well as vocalization for communication

First Of Its Kind Mounted SAR Training - (This is regular MSAR training, not scent detection.) Custom designed to fit your needs, this fast paced, hands-on clinic will hold the attention of your group. Most existing MSAR training use search techniques that were designed for the capabilities of walking SAR. When you try to use many of these existing techniques for MSAR its like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Using the uniqueness of the horse and my innovative proven methods, I train mounted responders how to effectively do a hasty search, covering a large search areas rapidly with high probability of detection. Other topics that we will cover include figuring probability of detection, field record keeping, my unique grid marking systems and safe, effective night search techniques.

Terry using buttons to maneuver Storm through a back through obstacle. Terry and Storm (five year old) won first in this state wide competition with a perfect score.

Bits, Buttons and Spurs Clinic - This clinic will improve your horsemanship skills and knowledge of horse training equipment. If your horses do not side pass, half pass, pivot on their hind or front quarters, you are not in total control of your mount while you are doing SAR, crowd control, or riding in a parade. If you do not have total control of your horse you could very well be jeopardizing your mission and the safety of others. My training method uses a blend of traditional and natural horsemanship along with positive reinforcement. I work with people and their horses on installing three buttons on each side of the horse, which will give the necessary control to perform the above mentioned maneuvers. This is one area that is being overlooked by many mounted groups which could easily become a liability problem. This clinic should be mandatory for any mounted groups that are around the public with their horses.

Individual Horse Training - By the month at Whirlwind Farms Training Center.


References - References and letters of recommendation are available upon request.

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