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Scent  Detection Horses

There is a new concept being used and studied by many across the world, it is the Air Scenting Detection Equine. Air Scenting is a search tool used for detection work. Horses are trained to follow airborne scent to its source, which could be a missing person, narcotics, etc. The scenting horse only goes into the scent locating mode when given special cues, otherwise it can double as a patrol, family riding or show horse.

The Lost Art

Really, people, using the horse's scenting abilities is nothing new. While reading history, you will find examples on how the horse's scenting ability helped early pioneers find water, warn them when danger was near and for hunting. One example of this can be found in the book The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. In this book they describe how Roosevelt used his horse's air scenting abilities to hunt buffalo. Other examples on how the horse’s scent locating abilities were used for hunting can be found in the book  The Mustangs by J. Frank Dobie. History tells us that in the days when horses were used for man's survival, their natural air scent locating ability played a much more important role than most people are aware of. I have taken this lost art from a state of oblivion and developed a innovative training program, so equine scent detection could be used in today’s modern world.

Natural Instincts/ Natural Horsemanship

Using equine scent locating is natural horsemanship in it purest form. The horse has been selectively bred in the wild to use it's air scent locating abilities to search for choice feed, minerals, water, it's own kind and to avoid danger. Horses learn scent locating very quickly, and they enjoy it because it is the only completely natural task they do for man. Scent detection training is the quickest road to learning the horse’s sign language. You can train your equine to scent detect a variety of sources that can range from clothing, people, treats or even an equine toy. During training, you will develop an understanding of sign language and rely totally on it in order to achieve your goal. Learning to read your horse's language will help you advance in all horsemanship skills .


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