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Equine Scent Detection has an exciting announcement to make about our organization:

As many of you already know, over the past 13 years I have traveled across the United States and into Canada promoting Equine Scent Detection with my clinics and demonstrations. It has been proven that the horse’s natural ability to locate and follow scent to its source can serve our modern world with a whole range of uses. Due to the overwhelming worldwide interest we have found that there is a need for an association that will better serve the horse community, and preserve the integrity of equine scent detection. This new organization will be called American Equine Scenting Association. The American Equine Scenting Association will serve as the governing entity and will lead the way in research, certification standards, membership, and training. If you are interested in booking a clinic for 2014 please email me at americanequinescenting@gmail.com.

www.airscentinghorse.com is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!









All Mounted SAR responders should have knowledge of their equines natural scenting capabilities and be able to recognize equine sign language.




Tests have shown that equine scent detection could be useful in finding meth labs, marijuana fields and with a little thinking out of the box, even vehicle interdiction. For narcotic detection the equines neck and nose act like a scent detecting probe. The rider can position this probe in a variety of locations in order to achieve a systematic precision search.







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