(Our time will be free; your organization will pay for travel expenses.)

If your group is having a statewide or regional gathering/conference, you may want to apply for this service. If your request is accepted, we will send one of our trained specialists to give you a PowerPoint and film presentation on scenting horses. The entertaining and informational presentation will provide you with a easy to understand outline on facts that will enlighten you on how the horse's scenting ability can be of service for a variety of work, which ranges from SAR to aiding law enforcement. You will see taped demonstrations of detection horses in action. We will go into depth on advantages the horse offers, how it all works and why equine learn scent locating so quickly. In this free presentation we will not go into training steps; we will reserve the actual training steps for clinics and individual training sessions.

For high profile events we may be able to arrange a live equine detection demonstration.

To apply for free information presentations, please send us information on your gathering. We will then review it with our officers. Acceptance or non-acceptance will be determined by time available and the amount of people your gathering will involve. You will be notified if you are or are not accepted.

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